The Icarus Void

CK Burch
CK Burch , English

The crew of the Icarus is used to high-stress situations: their ship is designed to dive into the heart of a star to collect scientific data for research. Testing out the Icarus’s new heatshielding is the plan, but when they discover an artifact in orbit of the Sun, the head of the research team presses the captain to retrieve the object for further analysis. The interior of the artifact is hollow — a void — and should be incinerated, but it’s perfectly intact. If they can discover what makes the object naturally resilient to the radiation of the Sun, perhaps it can be used for future development in stardiving. Once the artifact is on board, research begins, and the scientists discover the terrifying secret of the void — but the fate of the ship may have already been sealed.

The Icarus Void is an intense novel of science-fiction horror that will drag you in and pull you along until the final page. It also serves as the terrifying prelude to CK Burch’s upcoming Equinox Saga

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