Dr. Gunther Karsten
Dr. Gunther Karsten , English

Gunther Karsten has long been one of the world’s leading mental athletes. He knows more about using memory techniques than any one else in the world’ —Joshua Foer (Journalist, best-selling author and US Memory Champion). From 17x World Memory Champion, world record holder, and international memory coach Gunther Karsten, BRIGHTER gives you the practical tools to become smarter than you’ve ever thought possible. In 30 days, you can catapult your memory quotient (MQ) to genius levels: expand your vocabulary, learn new languages, remember important dates, and never forget a face again. Use the MQ test to measure your progress along the way. You will do better at work and feel less frustrated at home. These proven mental exercises are versatile enough to work for professionals, school children, and aging readers. BRIGHTER allows everyone to train their brain like a champion.

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