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                                Do you know what to do when stopped and questioned by the police -in your car, <br />on the streets or in your home? If you answered "NO" to this question --you<br />need to read this book! Not only should you read this book but you should tell<br />everyone you love and care about to read it also.<br /><br />Do you trust the police? The goal is to arm yourself with the knowledge and <br />power you need so you don't become just another victim. <br /><br />Not only should young males be weary of actions by the police but what about <br />sexual profiling in this country? Women who often drive alone are at just a higher<br />risk of being accosted by the police as others. Women are just as likely to be<br />profiled as men by local, state and federal law enforcement officers especially<br />since the creation of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS.gov) in 2003. <br /><br />Many women will no longer stop when directed by a police officer to pull over. <br />Some will call 911 and ask for additional police to come to the scene and refuse to<br />open their windows until backup police arrive.<br /><br />Cops are known to rape or extort women for sex during highway pullovers. The<br />situation is badly deteriorating. It comes as no surprise that unstable, aggressive<br />bullies gravitate to police work, and quite a few are sexual predators.<br /><br />Therefore, this book is an action plan for the entire family on what actions to take <br />to protect themselves when driving a car, walking on the streets or in their<br />homes. <br /><br />As a community organizer and advocate, I have heard many, many stories about <br />what the police are capable of and what they get away with. The reason for this is<br />that most people do not understand their rights.<br /><br />Not only will this book help you stay alive but if you are violated by the police -<br />it provides an action plan on what steps to take to receive justice. <br /><br />Advocates and activists don't trust local police agencies to self-investigate or police<br />themselves. Nor do they trust district attorneys, grand juries, police commissions or <br />local officials to be any more fair and impartial when investigating the police.<br /><br />Many advocates don't understand that the Justice Department has always had on <br />their books a strong arsenal of civil rights statutes to prosecute abusive police<br />officers. This office is equipped to dispatch their top civil rights lawyers to<br />handle federal probes. But this will happen only if we demand it!<br /><br />In the past it has taken major media attention, large scale protests and even a major<br />riot, such as Rodney King LA riot of 1992, before the Justice Department has<br />used its legal weapons.  <br /><br />Where there is evidence of sexual or racial profiling and/or police brutality, the<br />Attorney General must send a strong message to law enforcement agencies that<br />the Justice Department will go after lawbreakers whether they wear a<br />"mask" or a "badge."
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