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The loving and compassionate ideas behind and contained in Maria Tehuti’s
“I Love It! A Spiritual Guide for Lesbians, Gays and Transgenders” came to her in a surreal dream in Vienna. Shortly after waking, she knew she had to write these words and affirmations down.

We are fortunate that she did, for her words are laced with wisdom and goodness, as well as a dose of humor. She sees the world as a wonderful place, so much so that we start to see it that way as well. Her love for the Creator of Life shines through these pages, and we readers—confused or scared or hidden away though we may be—realize that her mighty love for Him is but a fraction of His love for all of us.

Upon feeling His love reflected through Tehuti’s words, we then understand that the world is a much more beautiful and accepting place than we’d imagined. Whether we are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered or straight as a line, we can seek and find comfort in Tehuti’s compassionate affirmations and her unyielding reminders that we—and everything we know, love and become—will be just fine.

So hold this small book tightly in your hands, for it is much bigger than it seems.

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