Taboo Erotica #4 – 3 Story Collection features three previously published forbidden sex stories under new titles! They’re so hot and controversial I can’t even call them by their original names!

RACHEL’S SOAKING WET TEASE - Not-so-innocent Rachel has been caught sneaking out…again. And this time, her mother’s man isn’t going to let her get away with it. But when this little virgin ignores Ben’s authority and taunts him in her tiny red bikini, trying to take matters into his own hands might mean taking something from her that she’s secretly saving just for him.

CINDY GETS WET - Nympho college girl Cindy is spending her weekend home from school, but it’s hardly going to be a vacation. Not when her mother’s boyfriend is also home nursing a broken leg. But when she’s instructed to help Brad with anything he needs, Cindy decides that a rich sexual appetite might just be what the doctor ordered.

AMY’S BUSINESS OF PLEASURE - Amy is the average girl-next-door with a curfew. So when her best friend asks for a late-night favor, she almost turns down the chance to earn a quick five hundred bucks. Now, she’s sneaking out to dance for Jade’s client – a man who calls himself Big Daddy – and this naughty girl may not be able to resist keeping this rich and handsome man all to herself.

Warning: Over 12,000 words of descriptive sexual scenes, including multiple orgasms, erotic sex and forbidden love between an older men and younger women. Some readers may find this material offensive. The rest of us just can’t help who we lust after! All characters are represented as 18 or older.

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