Guilty Pleasures: Sugar Hill Saga

Niyah Moore
Nayberry Publications , English

Married lawyer, Hassan Walker, can’t seem to get enough of the Sugar Hill Gentleman’s Club, as he is in love with Jada James, a sultry dancer with an alter ego, Cinnamon. Unable to shake the taunting images of her out of his head, Hassan can not even have sex with his own wife, Roxi Walker, without envisioning his Sugar Hill temptress. Meanwhile, Roxi can no longer hide the secret affair that has swept her away from reality. Given an ultimatum to stop cheating or to lose her husband for good, Roxi tries but cannot seem to fulfill her husband’s request completely.

Once all of the guilty pleasures start coming to light, Hassan, Roxi, Jada along with Ivan, Victoria, and Dawn will have some serious decisions to make.

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