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Sex has always been awkward for Kiara, mostly thanks to a strong empathic gift that men seem to find far more interesting than the woman who possesses it. Tired of men who assume a psychically shared orgasm is the end of their responsibility, she’s spent the last few years concentrating on her job. But when her latest patient brings her face to face with a shapeshifter private investigator with sexual energy to spare, she can’t resist the temptation to offer him what she senses he wants: her absolute surrender.

The last thing Adrian needs is a distraction. His latest case has taken a turn for the fatal, and the pretty psychic nurse is looking like she might be the next victim. But no alpha could resist her trusting submission, and what starts as a passionate one night stand turns into something far too deep. When it turns out the only way to keep her safe may be to declare himself the leader of Mystic Valley’s shapeshifting wolves, he’ll have to decide if he’s ready to accept one responsibility he never wanted-even if it means losing her forever.

Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Length: 52,000 words, 142 pages
Last Hope was originally published in January 2009 and has been reissued by the author.


…fast paced, exhilarating, and a thrillingly entertaining book to read.
- Abi, The Romance Studio

Moira Rogers has penned a thoroughly engaging and erotic novel with LAST HOPE. Each scene drew me in and held me spellbound the entire novel.
- Natasha Smith, Romance Junkies Reviews

[E]verything about this story was well done—the plot remained solid without melting into the use cliched devises, the relationships cut straight to the morrow of emotion instead of merely scratching the surface to propel the action, and the sex scenes…wow…let me just say that you shouldn’t try to read them at work unless you’re prepared for your boss to ask if you’re coming down with something because you’re fanning yourself with the report she asked you to complete.
- Jackie, Bitten by Books

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