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An opportunity to own a digital version of the Revised Second Edition of Jane Holland’s debut poetry collection, first published in print by Bloodaxe Books, 1997.

Originally published together under the title ‘The Brief History of a Disreputable Woman’, some of these poems have also appeared in: Blade, The Guardian, Iron, London Magazine, The Mail on Sunday, Making for Planet Alice (Bloodaxe Books, 1997), Oasis, PN Review, Poetry Review, Snooker Scene and The Times Literary Supplement.

Jane Holland is an established English poet and arts editor who won an Eric Gregory Award for some of the poems in this debut collection, now published in digital form with some alterations and a reshuffle. English lyricism meets snooker exposé, the longer narrative form is explored, poetic influences are mocked and celebrated. Highly varied, entertaining and unusual poetry.

‘Jane Holland uses language both as a weapon and as a shield. This is an intelligent book, knife-sharp at moments, tender and gentle at others’ - Brendan Kennelly.

‘Poetically she puts the balls down with an elan rare in new poets’ - Peter Forbes, The Guardian.

Table of Contents

They Are a Tableau at the Kissing Gate
The Newel Post
Cherchez La Femme
Spin Cycle
The Brief History of a Disreputable Woman
Baize Queens
The Bap Butterers
Not a Love Poem
Three Tests for Darwin Duke
Green Waters
Love Me Not
Last Letter from Paris
Horoscope Dancing
Brighton Pilgrimage
Wee Sleekit Cowrin’ Tim’rous Beastie
The Translator
Misreading the Classics (four poems)
Having read up on the subject
Century of Rain
Original Skin
The Gift
Aphrodite Revisited
Forgetting to Remember
Song for the Dying

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