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In today’s markets you will meet with challenges that were not formerly present. With a glut of new participants - from hedge funds to high-frequency traders - beating the market is more difficult than ever. But beating the market has never been so timely. The broad market is only delivering tepid gains for the buy and hold investor. From November 2001 until November 2011 the S&P 500 has only risen 15%. Add in dividends and you have a meager 3 percent annualized return over the past decade. How does the average person find time to balance their career, family, or other obligations and actively manage a stock portfolio?

In the author’s book, The Aggressive Dividend Investor, he will teach you how to setup an Aggressive Dividend portfolio which only takes a limited amount of time to maintain weekly. This book is for the modern investor that wants to be in control of their financial future, and is willing to educate themselves on how screening tools can assist in the decision making process.
What is at the core of this book? By combining market timing with four back-tested dividend strategies the author has created a diversified income portfolio that has historically resulted in large yields and abnormal capital gains.

Market Timing - This bull / bear market timing filter has resulted in 249.1% gains in the S&P 500 over 10 years, while the index rose 14.4%.

Strategies - Four dividend strategies work as a team for a balanced income portfolio. Some techniques are defensive, others have abnormally high yields, some target foreign stocks for diversification, another uncovers deep value stocks with strong financial muscles. The annualized gains (share price plus dividends) range from 15 - 16% in the lowest risk group up to 28-29% in the top performing strategy when tested over the most recent decade.

Once investors are comfortable with the market timing techniques and dividend strategies, they can screen and trade the system without any further help from the author (using such tools as found at Stockscreen123 or Portfolio123). Those who simply want the buy and sell recommendations of the four strategies along market timing forecasts can check out the Aggressive Dividends website run by the author - but the book is made to stand alone.

As the stock market continues to undergo change, it is the author’s belief that investors need to adapt and utilize modern tools to capitalize on volatile market cycles with aggressive dividend strategies.   

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