Legendary Lives - Dr Kiran Bedi

If cartoons dominate children’s lives, there are pillars of inspiration like Dr. Abdul Kalam, Dr. Kiran Bedi, Sachin Tendulkar, Amitabh Bachchan and A.R. Rahman who dominate their passions. Our aim is to inspire young minds by bringing these “Legendary Lives” closer to children.

This series is a collection of stories based on real life anecdotes from one such legendary life. These anecdotes capture the human side that is often obscured by the stellar power of their achievements. The foremost goal of BookBox’s ‘Legendary Lives’ series is to inspire young minds by bringing these larger than life figures closer to children.

About these stories:

Thank you Mr. Secretary: The Secretary of the Tennis Association used his power unfairly. Kiran Bedi ended up thanking him. For what?

A Boy-Cut for Girls: Kiran Bedi was not the type to let her hair get in the way of anything, and certainly not tennis. The last thing on her mind was to start a trend.

How to Lose a Shoe: Have you ever lost a shoe and gone looking for it? Not Kiran Bedi. Not Gandhiji.

‘Crane Bedi’: The 1982 Asia Games are about to start in a few days. Delhi traffic has to flow smoothly. A car is parked, illegally. Oh no… it’s the Prime Minister’s car. What will Kiran Bedi and her sub-inspector do?

Tihar Jail: Kiran Bedi gets a ‘punishment’ posting in Tihar jail, where some of the most dangerous convicts are imprisoned. She transforms this hell on earth into a veritable Ashram.

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