Her Deep Submission

Kim Acton
http://kimacton.wordpress.com , English

A Top 100 Seller in Kindle Erotica

A couple uses female submission as a tool to unlock a young bride’s hidden sexuality. When Eva admits her strict upbringing prevents her from being ‘a whore in the bedroom’ her older husband, Andre, suggests they try corporal discipline and public embarrassment to unlock her inner slut. Eva develops a taste for the leather belt and deep craving to be pushed beyond her perceived limits. A vacation in Mexico teaches her that humiliation and sodomy can be a delicious path to inner freedom. She grows to become proud of her welts and of Her Deep Submission.

Excerpt from Chapter Six [on the beach in Mexico]
Andre set up the scenario, “Eva, I’d like you to get us a couple of cold beers. How does that sound?”
“Sure, Honey. Where do I get them?” she asked while sitting up.
“Do you see that vendor down the beach a little way? He’ll have beer. I like the local beer called Sol. Why don’t you get us a couple of those,” he said, handing her a hundred-peso bill.
OK, Baby,” she replied. “I’ll be back in a few minutes.”
He lowered the boom. “One more thing, Eva. I want you to remove your bikini top and leave it here. Then walk down there topless and get our beer.”
Eva froze. The color drained out of her face. All she could manage to say was “Please” in a pleading tone. She began to tremble.
Andre was inflexible. “That’s what I want you to do. It’s legal here so you don’t need to concern yourself about that. I see some other women topless. I want you to walk right down the beach to the vendor booth and bring back two beers. And I don’t want you doing anything to cover yourself. Don’t fold your arms or carry the beer in a way that blocks people’s view of your big tits. Do you understand, Eva?”
“Yes, Sir, but please. Can I do something else for you? Something back in our hotel room? I’ll take a whipping with the cane. I’ll take many whippings. Please? Anything.”
Andre was stern with her, “First of all, you are going to receive the cane anyway. That’s for delaying and trying to bargain. So you have a good whipping to look forward to now. And it won’t be only your ass this time. You’re going to get your first taste of being caned on your tits and {expletive deleted in preview}. You won’t enjoy that, I assure you. If you delay longer you’ll get more. Secondly, trading this experience for something else misses the point of your training. You are going to overcome your preoccupation with what strangers are thinking of you. You are going to do what brings pleasure to your husband and learn that is all that matters. What other people think is meaningless in our marriage. Whipping you every day for a month won’t teach you that. Walking topless while people stare at you will teach you that what they think doesn’t matter in the end. What matters is whether it makes your husband happy and makes your marriage better. Do you understand, Eva?”
Eva knew she had to do it and she didn’t want any extra with the cane. His threat of strokes to her tits and {expletive deleted in preview} sent a icy chill though her. “Yes, Sir. I’m sorry. You’re right…but I’m so scared,” she admitted.
“There’s nothing to it. You just walk down the beach and come back. Now take of your top right now and hand it to me,” Andre said.
“Yes, Sir.” Eva slowly reached behind her back and tugged the string of her bikini. She peeled off her top and her magnificent, full breasts fell into the sunshine. She had distinct tan lines that made her breasts look neon white on a beach full of golden brown bodies. The sea-breeze ran across her nipples and hardened them into pink bullets. The people seated near them were already stealing looks at her. Her narrow waist, flat stomach and full, natural boobs made her a beacon on the beach.
Andre had a huge grin on his face, “What do you suppose they are looking at, Eva?”
She swallowed hard and said with a whisper, “My big tits, Sir.”
“That’s exactly right. Now away you go,” he said, waving his hand.


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