~~~ Has doubt been following you like a shadow ever since that last rejection letter showed up in your inbox?

Does just the thought of writing make your stomach hurt?

Your critique partner insists you should try an outline because it would help you so, so much yet the very idea makes you gag. Ugh.

Never fear! MUSE FOOD is here!

“I am a bit of a plotter, a lot of a panster. I have a general idea of where my plot will go, and the basis for my characters and why/how they will react in certain situations, but I allow my work to develop organically. That is the magic of writing for me.”
-Kathryne Kennedy, author, The Fire Lord’s Lover

“I am a total tortoise. I’m not a fast writer, I don’t do bursts where I write a book in a month or whatever…I can’t even imagine that!”
-Carolyn Crane, author, Double Cross

Discover what makes your muse thrive with these tips and tricks tailored to each author personality.

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