January 1968, the Viatnamese New Year, Tet, began and Medical Sevice Specialist Preston Williams was in the thick of it. In one year from January to December, during Tet, America, lost over 16,200 of it’s soldiers or the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force in one of the most brutal offensive battles in the annals of American warfare. Preston, worked on ward 5-North, also called the “Meat Factory” at Clark AFB, Philippines throughout the entire Tet Offensive, seeing the worst of the worst in soldiers injuries and wounds.
He will take you on to ward 5-North, and let experience as he did the horrors he had to endure for over a year. This book will clearly explain how one happy and emotionally stable young man who grew up in Southern California, nearly lost his mind and would forever be a changed man.”

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