Jason Youn’s 99c Photography Guide

Jason Youn
Jason Youn Photography LLC , English
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This is a must read for beginners to intermediate.

Award winning photographer Jason Youn explains everything you need to know about photography in a way that anyone can understand. The information is concise and the illustrations are simple, direct and perfectly formatted for your Kindle, iPad or other eReader.This book merges the science and the art of photography.

Learn all about:
-f/Stops and Aperture
-Shutter Speed and ISO
-White Balance and Color Temperature


Also learn about:
-The rule of thirds
-Color & Brightness
-Frame Within A Frame
-Leading Lines
-Leading Looks

Even Learn
-Mixed Light
-Natural & Artificial Light
-Fill flash

Jason Youn’s book is written for everyone so that anyone can understand both the Science and the Art of photography.

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