Phase Four

Gary Carson
Blasted Heath , English
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If you’re a fan of fast-paced high-concept action thrillers – Michael Crichton, Tom Clancy, Matthew Reilly – you’ll love this. Phase Four is part techno thriller, part adventure story, part conspiracy theory – and all action all the way.

The plot…

When a classified military convoy transporting nerve gas is hijacked in the Nevada desert by a group of Middle Eastern terrorists, Homeland Security investigator Matthew Drake is assigned to put the suspects under surveillance.

But when the gas is released inside a luxury high-rise hotel in an apparent attempt to assassinate the President, Drake realizes – too late – that the hijackers weren’t terrorists, the convoy wasn’t carrying nerve gas, and something is very wrong in Washington D.C.

Now mobs are rioting in the Bay Area and panic is spreading across California at a frightening speed, threatening to engulf the entire country.

On the run with disgraced CIA surveillance technician Gena Hahn, Drake struggles to contain a sinister plan to achieve total control over the human mind.

“Government conspiracy, political intrigue, action, thrills, and psychedelic horror – this book has a little tantalizing piece of everything.”
– The Troubled Scribe

From the author…

“Phase Four is a combination of spy novel, apocalyptic disaster story and political conspiracy thriller. It will appeal to conspiracy buffs, anti-New World Order types, and fans of 24 and The X Files.

“It also has some similarities with zombie novels.”

Also by Gary Carson…

Hot Wire is a hip, funny, serious and suspenseful novel that brings the great tradition of grifter noir into the present day with the excitement and urgency of the activity its title refers to. Emma Martin is the coolest protagonist crime fiction has produced in a long time.”
– Barry Graham, author of When It All Comes Down To Dust

About the author…

Gary Carson was famous in the third grade for writing a series of grisly monster stories he pecked out on a typewriter and read in front of the class.

In college, he lost his edge for a while and wrote dull, literary short stories and poetry that appeared in various campus magazines and other bird-cage liners.

Later, he got back on track by dropping out and writing features for The Westport Trucker, an underground newspaper that ran headlines like “WHO STOLE JFK’S BRAIN?”

After spells as a programmer, system administrator, web developer and general IT monkey in Kansas City and San Francisco, he later worked in Reno, Nevada – the land of legalized prostitution, quickee divorces, toxic waste dumps and the giant radioactive tarantula.

Currently, he’s living in Rolla, Mo., writing and waiting for the system to collapse.

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