Jump Cut

Rory Tate, Lise McClendon
Thalia Press , English

What reviewers are saying about JUMP CUT:
“A rollicking good read. All the elements are there: prostitutes and drug-running, newsrooms and squad rooms, romance and action. Jump Cut is in turns funny and gritty, cozy and hardboiled, romantic and illusion-shattering.”

“An engaging heroine every woman can identify with: good-natured, smart, harried, all too aware she’s growing older. She just wants to catch a break. I loved her almost as much as I loved Rory Tate’s breezy, fast-paced writing style!” — Katy Munger, award-winning author of the Casey Jones mysteries

“The twists and turns keep you going in this story that seems to have several separate stories, but somehow intertwine. Well written, well defined characters that are very likable.”

“Great book, hopefully the beginning of a new series, characters are worth visiting again and again. Highly recommended.”

“A perfect sit-by-the-fire-on-a-gray-day-with-a-pot-of-tea kind of book.”

“Jump Cut – n., a jarring transition in the temporal flow in film, television, or life, sometimes intentional but rarely without a good deal of second-guessing, hand-wringing, and tears”

Seattle reporter Mimi Raynard is having a bad week. Her ex-husband is now her boss at the TV station and wants her head on a platter. When three prostitutes die of a suspicious heroin overdose Mimi gets the story but in her nervous enthusiasm manages to bungle it. The narcotics detective on the case tries to help but both are out-foxed by the buxom intern.

Desperate for a new job Mimi takes a friend’s advice and dresses up as a Russian Mafiya Madam for a resume tape she has no intention of sending out. But the lark turns serious when the intern steals the tape. At the Seattle Police Department the narcotics detective Shad Mulgrew has his own career crisis. He is framed for stealing drugs from evidence. Are the murdered prostitutes linked to his case? Is he getting too close to the truth? And what is Mimi’s father doing working for Eastern Europe’s last Communists?

Working together to save their reputations, Mimi and Shad look for the truth, from the fishing docks of Puget Sound to the tiny Republic of Moldova. At turns funny, sexy, and thrilling with an edgy modern voice, Jump Cut depicts Seattle from the inside, from the joys of Seattle single life to dark alleys, from the islands to the top of the Space Needle, as the cop and the reporter try to salvage their reputations. They end up saving much more than their careers in a wild race to rescue the city they love.

Rory Tate is a pseudonym for bestselling mystery writer Lise McClendon, author of Blackbird Fly.

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