Quilombo, bombacha, boludo, un feca, cagar a palos, afanar, trucho…
So you thought you spoke Spanish? Ah, but the words above make no sense? Welcome to Argentina and its unique Spanish. Speaking Argento guides you through the words, phrases, gestures and speech patterns unique to Argentina and its people. The next time someone says “Che boludo, ¿qué hacés?” you will know whether to hug him or to hit him.

This book follows the light-hearted, humorous style of two bestseller books in the Speaking Latino series: Speaking Boricua and Speaking Chileno. With the largest collection of Argentine words, slang and phrases, Speaking Argento promises to achieve the same.

Speaking Argento is an extensive guide to Argentine Spanish. All the vocabulary you need to know and were never taught in school is included in this light-hearted guide. Over 1,300 words and phrases are explained in English. Sections on grammar, pronunciation, gestures and 35 illustrations will have you speaking Argentine in no time at all.

NOTE: This is a Bilingual Book (English and Spanish) and contains words
that are not appropriate for kids. For the beginning Spanish student,
Speaking Argento is best used as a complementary learning tool to any
program or class designed to teach you Spanish. This book and the other
books of the Speaking Latino series are not designed as stand-a-alone
learning aids, to teach you Spanish.

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