Though my TABOO stories are about pushing the limits and breaking all the rules, it seems there are just some guidelines that we all have to follow. Of course, when Amazon banned my original titles for being too hot and controversial, I wondered if I could simply seduce my way out of trouble like most of my characters do! But alas, I have been forced to submit to their authority (some of my characters like that too!) and provide only very vague titles and descriptions for you, the reader.

Believe me, Tina Begs For It was not my first choice for this book.

But don’t worry! This erotic story still features all the good stuff inside - naughty, kinky, forbidden relationships that explore the taboo of sexy characters who live and play together. Some readers may find this material offensive, so consider yourself warned…

Porn-addicted, sex-crazed Tina has been caught in the act one too many times by Gabe. But when she begs him not to tell on her and pleads for punishment instead, he realizes that a swift exercise in authority could turn out to be the one lesson this naughty girl needs to satisfy her every desire.

J.C. Wilde Short Story
(over 4,000 words)
Warning: Mature Audiences Only


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