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Imagine a world where the evil of The Blood Countess, Elizabeth Bathory, was able to ultimately escape the bounds of her mortal death.

Imagine a world where she is reborn into an immortal entity of the most evil and sinister proportions.

Imagine a world where she is free to unleash the horrors of her past bloody depravity upon the unsuspecting world of humankind yet again, unhindered, or so she believes.

But as she stalks her prey from the shadows, she is being courted by the most malevolent and ancient of all evils to ever walk the face of this earth - the original Soul Eaters!

Who will win the battle of dominion and free will?

Who will emerge triumphant and victorious in the epic battle of the immortals as they fight, not only amongst themselves, but also the battle they must face from God’s servants?

After being recruited by Gregor, the naïve sorcerer’s apprentice that started it all so many centuries before, Dr. Abigail Redman, a young and ambitious hematologist and virologist working for the CDC who has her own personal demons to battle on faith and God, along with Father Philippe Gustave, her spiritual advisor, and Herman, the ancient, fallen, immortal monk and author of “The Devil’s Bible,” are the very people that stands between the Soul Eaters and the fall of humankind.

These are their Immortal Legacies …

This is a fast paced, gripping thriller that merges the legendary, horrific exploits of the Blood Countess of Hungary, with the very real history of mankind, starting with Eve’s first adulterous copulation with the serpent Devil in the Garden of Eden, linking the bloodlines of their immortal spawn, Cain, and the author of The Devil’s Bible to the lineage of the vampire.

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