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Jim Fallow, unmarried father of one and a struggling musician, thinks he has the perfect gig on the cruise ship M/V Platinum Princess. On a cruise from Hawaii to Tahiti, he meets the Chilean beauty Glenda Toller y Casas, the wife of a wealthy Australian winemaker. Unhappy with her marriage, she’s traveling alone and falls for Jim. They have a secret, torrid romance on the ship. One night, Glenda inexplicably commits suicide by jumping to her death from the ship in front of a horrified Jim. Initially thrown in a Papeete jail on suspicion of murder, Jim is exonerated and freed. Troubled and obsessed by Glenda’s suicide, he sets on a circuitous quest to find an explanation for her destructive action. His search leads him from Tahiti to Los Angeles and finally to the beautiful wine country of Yarra, Australia where he meets Glenda’s husband, Angelo Toller. In this idyllic vineyard he finds a possible explanation for Glenda’s suicide. Against the background of the hunt for a serial killer who’s victims are mainly backpackers, this knowledge places him in a dangerous situation from which he may not come out alive.

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