Read2Review/Mama Knows Books rates The Midget’s House 5 Stars “Awesome! Will read again.”
“…heartbreaking at times and thrilling at others… This really isn’t a scary ghost story, because you see it from Lucinda’s as well as Marisa’s points of view…All in all I have to agree with the blurb, this book is ‘Haunting in every sense of the word…’”

About the book:

Marisa Delano is thrilled when she unexpectedly inherits the fairy-tale like cottage on the Sarasota, Florida bay front. What she doesn’t know is that another woman, Lucinda Lacey, a sideshow midget who died on the property in 1924, still inhabits it. And Lucinda has no intention of giving up her home to the new owner.

Switching between the carnivals, circuses, and freak shows of the early twentieth century, and the boom-and-bust of today’s Florida, Lucinda’s life story unfolds as Marisa searches for answers about the strange presence in her new home. The diminutive Lucinda might not be as benign as she first seems. Did Lucinda murder her lover on the day she died? And, if so, is Marisa in danger?

THE MIDGET’S HOUSE was inspired by the author’s own house in Sarasota, Florida, that, if local legend is to be believed, was built for the little people of the Ringling Bros. Circus, and is haunted to this day by at least one of them.

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