Jack is back! In this bigger, better, and more bad-ass sequel to the grass-roots sensation Jack Wakes Up, former movie star Jack Palms returns to find San Francisco spiraling into chaos.

When a crooked cop is taken apart by a .50 caliber anti-tank gun and the SFPD rules it a suicide, Sergeant Mills Hopkins hires Jack to find the cop-killer—and who’s covering things up. Teaming with former NFL lineman Freeman Jones and sexy Federal Agent Jane Gannon, Jack discovers that Russian pimp and drug runner Alexi Akakievich is cleaning house. Across the city, beautiful young sex slaves are turning up dead—a public message to their politically connected owners that Akakievich no longer needs their business. Now he just wants their power.

Soon Jack finds himself dodging both .50 caliber shells and double-crosses as he struggles to determine how high the city’s corruption goes and how far he’ll descend into the violence and depravity of his new life to stop it.

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