Home is where your name has power

Raised by a single mother in a series of cheap motels, Alec Cummins wants two things in life: to be a policeman, and to find a real home. Graduating from the police academy and securing an appointment with the LAPD, he achieves his first goal. But blowing a two-year sting in Los Angeles sends Alec running to the New York City Police Department.

Three months later, thanks to the actions of a crooked partner, he resigns from the NYPD.

Contacted by an Uncle he did not know he had, he accepts a job as deputy sheriff in Malfore County North Carolina. To his surprise, he discovers this is the place his family has called home for four hundred years.

But home has problems. A nude body found in a quarry, might have a tie to organized crime; the murdered accountant found in the parking lot, definitely does.
And there are personal problems. The county’s most attractive woman, a young lawyer, mistrusts the sheriff, dislikes the Cummins family, and just might be Alec’s sister. The second most attractive woman is the prime suspect in a murder investigation.

On top of everything else, a DEA agent from New York arrives in the county, determined to ruin Alec’s last chance to be a police officer.

However this is Alec’s home territory. Here his name has power. Here the Cummins name has power, and it is never wise to attack a tiger in its lair.

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