King’s X

Stephen T. Harper
Novel Endeavor Books , English
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We have all lived many times in the past. The only true crime is to remember who and what we really are.

1968 A.D. A Los Angeles detective is the last hope for a young runaway whose memories of previous lifetimes and a mysterious ring she calls “the King’s X” have brought a killer from her distant past to her trail.

1291 A.D. In the dying days of the Crusades, a beautiful servant-girl finds herself trapped between two cultures and two dangerous men - a brutal Templar knight, and a clever Moorish pirate. Together they must flee the blood-soaked Holy Land into unmapped Ethiopia. Behind, a sinister man hounds each step to protect a secret. Ahead, the King’s X, and the truth it will reveal.

What’s it like? Fast paced, thought-provoking Mixed-Genre: Modern Noir Thriller/ Contemporary Fantasy.

“it is really like a modern, real-world twist on Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. It takes the previous ages of the earth notion… cuts away all the fantasy stuff and very convincingly brings the ring into our world. To Los Angeles, in fact.” Amazon Reader Review

“Terrific mixed genre… It’s a full-meal-deal. If you’re looking for dessert, skip this. It’s too satisfying by far, completely engaging from beginning to end.” — NY Times and USA TODAY Bestselling Author, Tamara Rose Blodgett

More Praise for King’s X

“This is a ‘stand up and take notice’ story from a truly gifted writer. The most original adventure I’ve seen in years. “The Matrix” crossed with “The Da Vinci Code.” King’s X is dark, beautiful, and very provocative. I’ve had the story stuck in my head since the first time I read it.” — Ken Miller, Film and TV Producer

“Stephen T. Harper is a master of words. I stayed awake all night to finish, heart pounding, eyes bulging with every new twist, and the ending almost killed me! —The Paperback Pursuer

“This is a very well thought-out book with lots of suspense, twists, and history. I give it 5 stars. If you love a good suspense/thriller, you’ll love this book!” — Paranormal Opinion

This book has grabbed me. …really well written and I liked the author’s style. Big thumbs up!” — Booked Up

“…starts out mid-action and doesn’t seem to slow down even when the author is describing delicate women in quiet moments with the men they care for… Pick up King’s X. You won’t be sorry.” — Into The Morning Reads

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