This book contains sexually graphic scenes depicting consenting adults, aged 18 or older, engaging in consensual
sexual activities. If you do not wish to read about such acts,
stop reading NOW.
Welcome to our story of Justin, a hot Marine, both in or out of uniform.

This story tells about his seduction by his best friend. Through his friend, Justin discovers for the first time the world of male gay sex.

An super charged erotic novel, the story will keep your attention from beginning to climatic end.

A short brief excerpt from the beginning:

“”There’s a good restaurant across the street,” I said.
“I need to shower first, if that’s okay, wash off the road grime,” he said.
My excitement grew along with my anxiety as I waited on Justin to come out of the bathroom. He hadn’t taken any clean clothes in with him so the most he could be wearing when he came out was a towel. He didn’t bother with a towel except to dry off with it. He came out drying his hair; the rest of him was magnificently naked.
“Man, that felt good,” he said. “Hey, is it casual over at the restaurant?”
“Yes, jeans are fine, or shorts,” I said.
He tossed the towel over the chair and put his bag on the bed. I was having a hard time not looking at him. He looked even bigger without his clothes — all smooth, tanned muscles that rippled at his slightest move. Godd, he was a beautiful sight to look at. It was especially hard to keep my eyes above his waist. I knew even more that I had to tell him, and less how I would. I wanted him to wear his uniform but I didn’t say anything. Whatever he decided to wear would be just fine. He pulled on a pair of white briefs that fit him like a glove and were made to look smaller by his sheer size. The way they bulged out in front was almost flaunting except that wasn’t what he intended. He dug out a pair of cut-offs and started to put them on.

A piece of gay erotica not to be missed! Enjoy!

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