A Prince of Aelon

Michael E. Villanueva
Flipside Publishing , English

A PRINCE OF AELON tells the story of Prince Marcus, a 20-something reluctant heir-apparent who is plagued by the idea that there is more to life than simply becoming king. He decides to secretly leave the only world he’s ever known in a quest to fulfill his true calling. Early in his journey, he chances upon the young sorceress-warrior Emilia who decides to help the incognito prince in his quest of self-discovery.

Marcus and Emilia’s adventures and misadventures bring them face-to-face with oracles, wizards and wise men whose appearances belie their genius. In the midst of their grand journey, their eyes are opened to the reality of deceit and the challenge of facing the consequences of one’s decisions.

“A Prince of Aelon” is a tale of becoming rather than simply being and of finding those mystical instances in life when, at a proper time and under the proper circumstances, it seems as though the heavens align and, for one intense moment, the entire universe pauses to focus solely on you.

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