Dear Roz is a documentation of the author’s journey to find the truth about his father, and at the same time, to find pieces of himself which lay hidden in his collective shadows, most notably anger and fear. It records his search for the truth by reading his father’s letters and speaking to him through letters of his own; letting his sorrow, fear, joy, anger and a host of other emotions flow freely from him onto paper. Since this is his search for the truth to foster his growth and healing, this was not the place to put on the proverbial rose-colored glasses and present his father, or himself, as more or less than they were.

The emotions and thoughts presented in this book, especially about his father, are his and he owns them. He has not attempted to represent how his brother or his sisters feel or reacted to any situation that he discusses. That would be a subject for their own personal explorations. Come along on a journey that evokes the deepest feelings and thoughts a child can fathom, the discovery of a parent through his own words.”

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