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An Average Family Of Four Can Save $180 to $240 a Month On Groceries Just By Following A Simple Buying Strategy

Warning: Most people never learn the truth about grocery shopping, and they continue to spend twice as much time and money as needed for the rest of their lives…

Every single marketing strategy like price matching, coupons, and club membership is designed with one aim: to maximize profits from your wallet.

The Grocery Industry is ran by smart people.

Most shoppers think and truly believe they are getting great deals and therefore never question their grocery shopping strategy.

I finish all of my grocery shopping in about two hours every few weeks. Most people don’t realize how much time they spend grocery shopping.

You can’t just count the time you spend on the big grocery shopping trips. You also have to consider all of those last minute runs to the corner store to pick up bread or milk. And, there is something else you have to think about.

Every single dollar you waste on groceries represents time you have to spend at work trying to earn it back. Let’s say you spend $200 too much on groceries every month. How much extra time do you have to spend at work to earn your money back?

What You Will Learn in “The Cheapskate’s Guide to Grocery Savings”

Proven techniques to lower your grocery bill today

How to craft a budget for grocery shopping you can easily stick with

How to get the most from your grocery shopping trip and maximize your precious time

How to effectively use leftovers to save serious cash

Why meal planning helps massively lower your grocery bill

How great drinks begin with water

How to save a ton at the Butcher Shop and Seafood Market

Secrets about grocery stores they don’t want you to know

Why you should grocery shop with your credit card (contrary to popular belief)

And more!

27 pages of pure content

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