Special Forces Captain “”Brett Stone”” had begun out processing from the United States Army when he buys a Washington State Lottery ticket and wins fifty-nine million dollars.
Captain Stone calls his old Commander at Fort Bragg to tell him the good news and his former Commander offers him a challenge he just can’t refuse: A meritorious promotion to “”Major”” if he stays in the Army and to lead an elite group of soldiers to perform secret assasssinations/sniper duties and resuce missions.
Although he’s a millionaire, he can’t pass up the challenge. He along with the Colonel and his Executive Officer; Lieutenant Sarah Carter select their elite team which consist of three “”Special Forces”” men; three “”Ranger”” men; three “”Delta”” men and two “”Linquist Specialsit”” women.
The team gets their first assignment which takes them to the Amazon Jungle. Their primary mission is to resuce two American women who were kidnap and their secondarily mission is to eliminate the Notorious Colombian Drug Lord “”Daniel Quinn”” who was responsible for the kidnapping.
From the moment the team jumps from the plane into the jungle, everything starts going wrong. Part of the team literally lands on Quinn’s property and are captured. Some team members are beaten, some shot and even one is buried alive.
The team faces danger not only from Quinn and his men, but also from then jungle itself. They are attacked by wild baboons, jaguars and cobra snakes. They also have to fight off Quinn’s German Sheppards, his pet alligator, kill alot of bad guys and avoid a plane crash.
This is the first book of an ongoing series of the “”Phantom Warriors.”” It’s an exciting page turner and filled with action which you will have a hard time putting down.”

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