There is not a dull page in this book. It is chiefly a story of athletics, but it is also a fine study of boy and girl life.

Excerpt from book: CHAPTER III A MIDNIGHT HAZING AFTER the lights were out that night Roy lay for quite a while in his bed in the Senior Dormitory reviewing the day. He was tired as a result of the football practice and he had a lame tendon in his left leg which he believed he had sustained in his flying leap onto the hedge when going to the relief of Angel, and which bothered him a little now that he had stopped using it. But his weariness and soreness had n’t kept him from eating an enormous dinner in the Dining Hall down stairs, any more than it was going to keep him from going to sleep in a few minutes. During dinner he had begun to feel at home. He had found himself at Mr. Cobb’s table, which later on would be weeded out to make room for the football players, and had sat next to Captain Rogers, who had spoken to him several times quite affably, but not about football. The other fellows, too, had shown a disposition to accept him as one of them, if we omit Horace Burlen and Otto Ferris, and by the time Roy had scraped the last morsel of pudding from his dish he had commenced to think that life at Perry Hill might turn out to be “both pleasant and profitable,” as Harry had phrased it. After dinner he had spent the better part of an hour in the study room on the first floor composing a letter home. That finished, he had wandered down to the river and had been mildly rebuked by Mr. Buckman, an instructor, for going out of bounds after eight o’clock. There had been prayers at nine in the two dormitories and after that, in the midst of shouts and lau’ghter and general “rough house,” he had undressed, washed, donned his pajamas and jumped into the narrow white enamelled bed to which he had been assigned. To-morrow lessons would begin and he wondered how he was going to fare. He had ente…

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