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Cub reporter Blaine Orson goes on her first big interview, but she finds a body instead. RCMP constable Roy Archer falls for her innocent- looking beauty but is suspicious too, since the dead man turns out to be her biological father, and she stands to inherit his fortune.
Blaine can’t believe it when her own mother confesses. But an autopsy reveals she couldn’t be the murderer. Then cancelled cheques found in the dead man’s safe indicate long-term blackmail by her stepfather.
Fortunately for Blaine, senior reporter Andrew Clark is determined to get an awesome story out of the whole mess. Although she’s reeling from the discovery of her unknown father, love is in the cold, spring air for Blaine. But so are murder, deceit, and curiosity. Roy warns Blaine to let the police handle things, but Blaine’s confrontation with her step-dad leads her into deep danger. Only Andrew and Constable Archer can help her now as Blaine sets out to find the truth in a murder.


Blaine heard the tinge of desperation in his voice. He was on edge and probably capable of doing almost anything to her. It was time she started using her head instead of her muscle, since her strength could in no way compare to his.

“You’re hurting me,” she said as the grip on her arm grew harsh. “Let me go.”

“If I let you go you’ll run straight to the police.”

Blaine winced. The pain from his hold was shooting up her arm. He was moving swiftly now making Blaine short of breath. “I wouldn’t,” she gasped. “I have nothing to tell them without the tape.”

“You’re exactly right,” he said. “And I intend to find it and ripped it apart. But first I need to tend to you.”

“Where are you taking me?” Blaine asked, desperation now settled in her own voice. But he didn’t answer. She stumbled against him as he jerked her forward. There was no mercy in this man. This man she’d called father.

She suddenly felt the crunch of gravel beneath her feet. The rain had turned the snow to slush and the ground was soft and sodden. He dragged her purposefully, as if he knew exactly where they were headed. But there was so much fog she could barely see through the thick, wet mist. She felt the presence of a looming building as they walked on. She had worn her suede boots and they were completely soaked through causing chills up her legs.

The chills continued to rise and now flitted through her spine. But it wasn’t only the cold and wet that made her shiver; she was a hostage with no idea where she was being taken and no choice but to go.

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