Everlasting Vitality and Youth: 7 Secrets Revealed for Radiant Health & Natural Beauty is a step-by-step comprehensive system for the health-conscious enthusiast who wants to take their health to the next level.

Bethanne Wanamaker, one of the most inspirational health motivators and nutrition educators in the international holistic living movement, recognizes that most people need a clear “blueprint” with effective strategies for how to achieve everlasting vitality and real health. Most books offer an in-depth discussion on just one topic, but that can only allow you to go so far. When you bring everything together, in one concise format that delivers not just one topic, but the 7 which together have the power to unleash your irresistible potential, the results are astonishing.

This book is a manual for women who want to look and feel absolutely amazing, in the most super holistic and cutting edge way possible. Before you embrace the 7 strategies, you’ll need to shift your mindset, intentions, and attitude, and know that reversing poor signs of aging is possible, as is turning back the clock - and is as simple as implementing habits that have profound results. You can live every day with much more core energy, while treating your body like the temple it is and cleaning up your lifestyle.

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