If Mick Jagger is the public face of The Rolling Stones, Keith Richards has always been the band’s heart, soul and musical powerhouse.Discover the true facts behind the legends, including:Richards’ battles with his demons: the women, the drugs and his love-hate relationship with JaggerHis struggle with heroin and his status as the rock star most likely to die in the 1970sHis triumphant rebirth as a family man in the 1990sTrace Richards’ life from his poverty-stricken roots in post-war England to his outstanding return for the 1989-1990 Rolling Stones world tour.In 1992, Victor Bockris’ celebrated biography was the first to recognise Richards’ pivotal role in the Stones legend. Now the book has been fully updated by the author with a 10,000 word addition, incorporating the perspective of another decade to this epic story of rock’s most incredible survivor.

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