The Second Installment to the “Sleeping With The Enemy Series”
Genre: Multi-cultural Sensual Romance
Category: Drama/Thriller
Word Count: 15K
Pages: 38
Other books in the series:
Illegal Affair “Seduction” - Volume 1

Traylor has a problem. After a night of reckless abandon has put her
career on the line she scrambles to recover. She can only think of one
way to turn the dangerous coincidence to her favor: find the man she
shared a passionate one-night stand with and convince him of the

There’s just one major problem. Shane Lafferty, has no
plans to be found, more important, ain’t no one’s patsy. Then fate deals
him another bad hand. Despite his efforts to resist, he soon finds
himself facing temptation once again. Will the lies he tells to survive
do him in, or set him on a path clearly tied to a new destiny?

Strong Sexual Content, Graphic Violence, Strong Language, Dark
Humor. This story is 38 pages and is told from the Hero / Heroine’s
point of view. A darkly written sexual thriller, this is strictly
fiction. You can read more on the latest releases by visiting thedivaspen.com

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