If you picked up this book thinking it would be a get-successful-easy methodology…put it down before you actually EARN something!

“If there is one thing that I have learned about success, it is that it takes effort in the right things and a willingness to persist long enough to win. I believe we all have an opportunity to make this world into anything we would like. I know you can choose to be anything you would like to be, if you’re willing to earn it.
I will tell you just like I tell the individuals and businesses I coach: your success is up to you. I cannot go to the gym for you and give you my muscles; life doesn’t work that way.

“I trust that as you ponder what I’ve done for me and my clients, you will apply and adapt these methods to your life. Following these ideas can assist you in reaching whatever it is you want. With the methods found in this book you can reach your dreams, whatever they might be. You can accomplish anything!”

— From the Author’s Introduction

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