When not talking dirty at her part time phone sex job, or singing cheesy cover tunes in generic suburban bars, fledgling private investigator Sasha Jackson is spending her days trying to figure out how ‘till death do us part’ applies to her jilted client.
Christine Arvisais was dumped by her gold plated fiancé days before mailing the wedding invitations. Four months later, he was shot in a Toronto ravine during his Saturday morning jog. Christine says she was wrapped in seaweed and bathing in mud when Gordon Hanes went to the mahogany paneled VIP room in the sky.
Then another former fiancé falls victim to another femme fatale and it appears Cupid’s bow is no match for the Grim Reaper’s scythe.
As Sasha continues her investigation, she uncovers a pattern of guys who skipped ‘I do’ and now never will. It seems a coincidence, until Sasha learns the real meaning of Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
With her dad driving her crazy via long distance, and her brother steeped in confusion about his own romantic comedy of Eros, Sasha must figure out who’s whacking would-be grooms before it becomes a case of four funerals and a wedding.

- Reviews for Blood and Groom -

“The toughest fictional woman P.I. in Canada.” -Bill Selnes, Mysteries and More 

“Sasha Jackson: she’s tough, can drink with the best of ‘em, and isn’t afraid to bend the rules.” (Karen Russell, HowMysterious.com)

“Fans of strong female characters and fans of detective novels will enjoy this story. This was a fun read, and I can’t wait to see what kind of trouble Toronto’s sexiest new detective can get in to in her second book.” (PaulTheBookGuy.com)

“Edmondson writes a fast-moving book with a hip protagonist. I give Blood and Groom a rating of Hel-O since Jill Edmondson is a new-to-me author and Blood and Groom is a fast-paced, fun read.” (Helen Ginger, straightfromhel.com Blog)

“Sasha Jackson is one of the best literary characters I’ve discovered of late. She’s an edgy and unconventional ex-musician turned private investigator. Canadian author Jill Edmondson spins a marvelous yarn with a sense of humor. She shines a bright light on Toronto. Biting humor, pop references and colorful characters make Blood and Groom a fun read.” (Amy Steele, entertainmentrealm.com)

“Blood and Groom is a sprightly read - a promising start to a new series and a fresh writing career.” (Joan Barfoot, The London Free Press)

“Blood and Groom’s main character, newly licensed downtown Toronto P.I.(and former rock singer) Sasha Jackson, has enough sass and quirk to hold a reader’s interest.” (Quill & Quire )

“The style is fresh, well-paced and uses dialogue that feels real. Toronto is nicely portrayed as a place fit for dispatching grooms. Edmondson shows the storytelling skill to turn this into a series with room to grow.” (The Hamilton Spectator)

“Blood and Groom is full of down-to-earth people and pithy portrayals of some weird characters. Conversations are snappy. It is a light, fun read and I’d be interested in seeing future stories.” (The Waterloo Region Record)

“It’s a quick, entertaining read best enjoyed with double vodka tonics and morning after grilled cheeses.” (shedoesthecity.com Blog )

“Parts are very funny — especially the sex chat and Sasha’s nerdy pal Victor, and her gambler dad… Bizarre! Not as bizarre as the ending, with romance and finance combined to deadly effect.” (Lucille Redmond, Ireland Evening Herald)

“A fast-paced, soft-boiled novel with a distinctive voice and a sassy protagonist.” (Jim Napier, The Sherbrooke Record).

“The book is fast-paced… and the tone is the quick and funny style that appeals to fans of Janet Evanovich. There’s a lot of promise here and we’ll look forward to Sasha Jackson’s next adventure.” (Margaret Cannon, The Globe & Mail)

“Jill Edmondson’s Blood and Groom is a fast-paced whipcrack of a book — a a little edgy and a lot of fun.” (Bookgasm.com)

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