If he had only answered that last phone call from the World Trade Center . .

Minutes before two jumbo jets changed U.S. history,
New York police officer Austin Finley ignored the call from his brother, who’d been bugging him
for days. Trying to live with his one regret causes hatred and bitterness to consume Austin, and
when counselor Mercy Samara recommends desk duty, Austin resigns. Haunted by her own memories of
9/11, Mercy takes a job as a school counselor in Baltimore. When Austin, now an EMT, responds to
an emergency at Mercy’s school, both are stunned and wary.

their common—and painful—memories turn suspicion into friendship, then romance.

But hard questions linger: Can they truly move beyond their past harsh judgments
and harsh words? Will their past finally bring them closer or—as the tenth anniversary of 9/11
draws near—drive them farther apart?

“Loree Lough proves once again her
superb storytelling skills in From Ashes to Honor, peopled by characters so
lifelike they seem to jump from the pages.”
>—Cathy Bryant, author of the award-winning Texas
and A Path Less Traveled

Lough’s characters allow us to re-explore what happened ten years ago and examine our feelings,
perhaps like never before.”
Robert A. Crutchfield, Founder, Christ 4responders and Chaplain, Katy, Texas Fire &

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