Get ready for some of the finest and hottest stories ever! This edition comes with 15 stories about loss of virginity and first-time sexual experiences. A spicy but also funny collection of tales, as you may remember your own delicious discovery of sexuality.

Check out the table of contents:

1. Princess Virgin
2. She Ignored Me
3.My First Time and my Heartbeat
4. Growing up
5. Best Piece in the World
6. Fucked Hard
7. Goofy Husband
8. A Virgin Honeymoon
9. Maid’s Affair
10. Anusha
11. Aunt Jen
12. Into the Woods
13. First Times
14. Naughty Nurse
15. Master and Apprentice

Get this great erotic collection to your Kindle’s library and enjoy sweet and naughty fantasies!

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