St Elmo’s Fire

James Cassaday
James Cassaday , English
  • Jennifer Wardrip owns it. 1 year ago

Some people are lucky and others are not, but a sighting of St Elmo’s fire can bring good luck and bad. Ex-seaman, Jack Druce, joins the Liverpool Fire Brigade back in the 1950’s and comes to rue the day he didn’t look away when first he glimpsed this phenomenon when at sea. His luck goes from bad to worse when he agrees to join a renegade group of ex-firemen who are planning to steal a priceless work of art.
Follow his adventures in a fire ravaged warehouse, then during a daring heist; before back at sea he runs from the law and encounters others who want to steal the work of art. The story moves quickly and twists and turns in line with the chase - it captures danger, romance, and more than a touch of Liverpool humour. In the end, Jack Druce and the readers are left with a teasing riddle to solve; one that refuses go away - It flickers and dies, then flares again, just like St Elmo’s fire.

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