Martin, Crook, & Bill

Donna Nitz Muller
Kerkvliet Books , English
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When Martin Webster returns home to the abandoned farm of his childhood, he returns a broken man clinging to one final hope for healing: a fragmented memory that won’t let him find peace.
Martin’s just been released from the state mental institute, where he went after a sudden and brutal breakdown that has cost him his wife and children and his career. He knows that the only way to move on is to reconcile this memory, which has something to do with the death of his brother.
However, within days of returning to the once magnificent, now dilapidated house, he discovers a pregnant teenager living among the rats and filth. What could make a beloved, popular seventeen-year-old girl go to such lengths to hide her condition? She was raped by the local sheriff. Now Martin has a mission—to give Cassandra a safe place to heal and give birth.
With the help of his neighbor and lifelong friend, Bill the farmer, his best friend from the mental institute, Crook, and a beleaguered but patient sister, Maureen, this strange family band together to raise Sandra’s baby, Kirby, themselves.

However, Crook and Sandra can’t let go of the idea that so long as Kirby exists, Sandra is in danger.

As the mentally-fragile Martin struggles toward healing, the farmhouse is repaired and friendships are tested, love is discovered, and a terrible revenge is plotted.

Martin, Bill and Crook is a literary novel about the cost—and rewards—of second chances.

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