The flight attendant interview can be a long and challenging process. This handbook is designed to help applicants create impressive answers and do their best in the English interview. There are more than 100 questions and answers, as well as tips for preparing for the interview. They are written by a native speaker, who has long experience instructing for this type of interview.

The book includes answers to the questions:

-Why do you want to be a flight attendant?
-What are your strengths and weaknesses?
-Why is flexibility important?
-As a flight attendant, you will live overseas where things may be unfamiliar. -Will it be possible for you to adapt to life in a new place?
-What do you think of a flight attendants image?
-If a senior flight attendant is intentionally rude to another passenger, how will you handle the situation?
-What are you going to do if you have a dispute with one of your colleagues during a flight?
-And many more.

These are two of the questions and answers included in the book:

#1) Do believe that your work experience has prepared you to be a flight attendant?

I believe my personality and experience have prepared me to be a flight attendant. A flight attendant needs to enjoy meeting and talking to people, while making them feel comfortable and happy to be on the flight. I’m naturally social and love getting to know others. Also, my experience in a travel agency has prepared me for the new challenge of working as a flight attendant because of its service nature. Being a flight attendant will expand my experience and fulfillment within my career.

#2) One passenger is visibly nervous during the flight. What will you do to help him?

If I notice that a passenger looks nervous, I will go to him first and find out what he needs. I’ll suggest some warm milk or tea to help him calm down. While I’m serving him, I’ll also ask a few questions about where he’s going and what he’s going to do there. After that, I’ll recommend that he take advantage of the in-flight entertainment or try to get some rest. Hopefully, he’ll be calmer by that point, but I’ll check on him once in a while to be sure.

Practicing these answers written by an experienced, native speaker will help you build confidence and learn new expressions, which will give you a big advantage during your interview.

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