Rumors of Eden

Kathy Frias
White Feather Press , English

300 years after the great flood of Noah, the Garden of Eden, the story of earth and man’s beginning had been reduced by time to mere legend. But young Madai, a descendant of the tribe of Japheth, had a burning fire within him that demanded action. So he left his home in the north to search out the truth. Was the great father-God real? Had Eden existed? Were rumors of Noah and the great flood true? Madai had to know. He crossed the great Brine Sea, braving serpents, monsters and all manner of evil.

Follow the adventures of Madai as he discovers the secrets of Genesis. Go with him to the ark. Meet the great patriarchs of old through the power of story! Watch the Bible come alive as you travel back thousands of years to a primal time in history when the world was still young!

300 years after the flood, God was a rumor, a fading whisper. But God is more lasting than rumor, and his hope and truth more powerful than evil.

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