Winner of the 2012 New England Book Festival and Reader’s Favorite Memoir Awards, and a Finalist in the 2013 Maine Literary Awards, The Box of Daughter is the compelling true story of the author’s struggle to recover from childhood emotional abuse, and her quest to raise her self-esteem and create a more authentic life.

This captivating memoir offers many insights on the process of healing from Complex PTSD, describing the author’s journey of recovery after growing up in a deeply dysfunctional family and illustrating how a person with Complex PTSD can make the leap from surviving to thriving.

In her twenties and thirties, the author pursued a professional acting career, appearing Off-Broadway, in independent films, and on the daytime drama Guiding Light. Entering therapy in her thirties in response to a divorce, she began to unravel the threads of dysfunction in her family.

More than a decade later, armed with the truth about her family, she sought to understand the challenges her parents faced and recover from the trauma while simultaneously acting as the family caregiver for her parents in their late 80s and early 90s. Freed from the abuse by the deaths of her parents in 2005 and 2008, the author began an inspiring journey to wholeness—developing self-esteem, uncovering her true self, and finally creating a life that is truly her own.

Katherine Mayfield is the author of Bullied:  Why You Feel Bad Inside and What to Do About It, Dysfunctional Families:  The Truth Behind the Happy Family Facade, Acting A to Z, and The Box of Daughter & Other Poems.

Signed copies can be ordered through the author’s website.

This is the second edition of The Box of Daughter.

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