On the Prowl (Timberon Cat Series)

Yvette Hines
Tease Publishing LLC , English
1 rating

Preston has spent years trying to stay away from Tresa. She was a stubborn, wild and impetus beauty that turned his world inside out. However, she was his mate and he knew it whether he liked it or not. Tresa always manages to get herself into a fix. This time she is at her sister’s wedding weekend and finding it impossible not to embarrass her sister in anyway, especially with an infuriating dominate male cat-shifter always in her space. The mansion-style Amofeli’s pride lodge is not big enough for the two of them to stay away from each other. When things go from furry to passionate neither of them can resist their desires. (Attention: This story is connected to Secured Heart in the ARe “Just One Bite” Vol 2 Anthology and Rescued Mate)

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