What would you do if you lost everything?
That’s exactly what I asked myself the day I watched the stock market plunge 777 points on September 29th 2008. On that same day I began a manual on how to survive the coming Depression.
Much to my surprise, it wanted to be a fiction novel. 1929 Jonathan’s Cross and a large cast of characters were born.
Jonathan Garrett, Aryl Sullivan, Caleb Jenkins and their wives were faced with that very question.
The answers and the resulting storyline surprised and intrigued me.

They lose their business and homes, automobiles and possessions. They find themselves suddenly in need of a home and rent rundown tenements from Jonathan’s business rival, who delights in tormenting them.

Lucky to find work at all, they accept low paying manual labor positions. Their wives are forced to learn domestic skills and rely heavily on each other for support.

The glue that holds the group together is Maura, Jonathan’s former house maid. Full of hard love and sound advice, she does her best to see them through a journey full of twists and turns, disappointments and delights.

Welcome to The 1929 Experience. Before you begin, I’d like to take a moment to let you know that 1929 is not just another historical fiction series. It’s an addictive journey that takes you into different genres. While you get to know and become close to the characters of 1929, understand that the world around them is more than it seems. But rest assured, all is connected and all will come together.

After reading 1929 Jonathan’s Cross Book One, do not be dismayed in Elizabeth’s Heart Book Two, when you meet Simon, whose only connection to the characters of 1929 is prophetic visions about them. And Elizabeth might only seem important to Simon but she is much more than that. She is very important to one man who finds himself in danger in 1929.

Moving on to 1930 Aryl’s Divide Book Three, you will again laugh and cry with our beloved characters as they grind through another year of the Depression and fight for hope and survival.

Drifter Book Four will take you away from Rockport but introduces you to a vital character, Detective Sloan. Drifter documents Aryl’s missing year, while showing you a unique look at the life of a missing person’s detective.

Purgatory Cove Book Five will take you into the mind of Elizabeth, at the exact moment where she fractures into a third personality. It also explains exactly how closely Simon and Elizabeth are connected to the main cast.

And, 1931 Caleb’s Err Book Six brings all the cast together for resolution and closure, ending the journey. For now.

I do hope you follow the adventure that 1929 is, and thank you for reading.

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