The mysterious but devastatingly beautiful Nikita Lee informs Mike Danvers of an inheritance and his whole life changes overnight, from a company analyst he becomes a billionaire with properties and responsibilities but not everyone is pleased with the new state of affairs.

Nikita Lee works for a private investigation company doing research on his past and the delightfully charming Grace Timmings works for the solicitors handling his late biological father’s Will. Or so it appears.

The three of them discover that the three horse racing stables he now owns are the cornerstone of a racing swindle. Having worked with high technology companies in his career Mike finds a high tech method that could explain the mysterious results of high profile races and they probe deeper investigating the perpetrators.

Life for him has gone from the mundane to the exciting and deadly dangerous in less than one week, it is a ‘game’ he has never played before and if he lives to solve the case it will be a minor miracle.

The first in a fifteen part evolving romance as topical mysteries are solved in each adventure.

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