Ten tales of archaeological science fiction from the pulp era! Discover mysterious alien artifacts, explore million-year-old ruined cities: each story in this collection explores the remains of past extraterrestrial civilizations.

Featuring stories from golden age authors including H. Beam Piper, Raymond Z. Gallun and C. L. Moore.


The Red One (1918) by Jack London
The Tree of Life (1936) by C. L. Moore
The Sphere of Sleep (1942) by Chester S. Geier
Asteroid of Fear (1951) by Raymond Z. Gallun
The Old Martians (1952) by Rog Phillips
The Anglers of Arz (1953) by Roger Dee
Adolescents Only (1953) by Irving Cox, Jr.
When the Mountain Shook (1954) by Robert Abernathy
Omnilingual (1957) by H. Beam Piper
The Issahar Artifacts (1960) by J. F. Bone

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