An aspiring Kohl Logan sets out to write a serious novel about a new breed of eco-warrior but gets so caught up in the story that he becomes his own main character. Along with his brilliant friend, Mike, he invents an extremely high power, invisible laser that can burn holes through steel and concrete. One completed, the only logical thing to do is to try it out on the local cement plant which is spewing thousands of tons of pollution into the environment. Seeing the results, the men are soon convinced to put it to even better use by the bold and beautiful women in their lives.

A most impressive trail of action follows as the characters evolve in their thinking and aspirations, leading to love, loss of love and tragedy as they range across the country from Hoover Dam in the West to Three Mile Island in the East.

The book concludes with an intrepid and unprecedented foray, first into a military airbase and then into an Army intelligence base that almost leads to their downfall except for the appearance of a mysterious new woman who comes into their lives.

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