Toni Teitelbaum is a former US Marine MP, a curvy six-footer with a fondness for designer clothing and handguns. She is also a wise-cracking high school history teacher, supervising a class visit to Washington. When a student bolts off the path near the Lincoln Memorial, Toni chases him into the foliage, where she finds more than her wayward student. A man has been shot, left for dead in the bushes. He appears homeless and drunk, jabbers craziness and dies in her arms. The police say it is typical street violence. Toni knows better.

Crime scene details don’t add up and when she begins receiving threats, Toni knows someone wants her to shut up. The teacher she has become wants to skedaddle back to the safety of her Marin classroom. The cop she used to be won’t let her. Before he died, the man in her arms hid a 4 gig flash drive in her jacket. Once Toni discovers what’s on it, there’s no turning back.

Fortunately Toni isn’t in this alone. Her father’s brother, Lester, is a gay introvert who works as a civilian number-cruncher at the Pentagon. Her mother’s brother, Gino, claims to run a cleaning business, though the family suspects the only thing Gino launders is money. Unfortunately for Toni, her uncles aren’t exactly The A Team.

Toni Teitelbaum’s got 4 gigs of explosive truth in her Anne Klein jacket. And though it’s been said that the truth will make you free, in Toni’s case, it just may make her dead.

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