My Body, My Ashes

A. P. Perdian
A. P. Perdian , English

Whose Body Is It Anyway?

My Body, My Ashes is a short story, a suspenseful medical thriller. In the murky world of organ transplants, truth is often the first casualty.

When Erin Fenton, an investigative medical reporter, lands a scoop, she finds some secrets can be fatal. Overnight, she enters the convoluted world of organ donations and transplants, a treacherous realm of death and deceit where crimes are committed with immunity. She finds her life hanging in the balance, but she’s unsure where she can turn to for help. The Police? A private detective? Without any definitive evidence of the threat, she calls on Galen Cooper instead, an old lover. The two of them soon find themselves trapped in a world where morality is defined by money.


Galen pushed Erin away and spun around, yelling for her to run. But his pistol had barely cleared his pocket when the bigger of the two men plowed violently into him, grabbing his wrist and sending them both careening to the ground. In the ensuing struggle, he managed to squeeze off a round close to his assailant’s head, sending a ripple of fear into the man. His assailant recklessly pulled away and reached for his own weapon.

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